Many questions, we know.

The re-emergence of energy work in the Flint-area has left some of you a bit dazed. Many of you are thinking does it actually work. And if it actually does work, how does it work and why. Here is a list of Frequently Asled Questions. If you need more clarity feel free to message us.

A. We are energy bodies. Energy surrounds us in layers and runs through us in pathways that form the foundation for our health. Like oxygen and blood, energy needs to flow though the body in order to sustain our health. Sometimes these energy fields or paths are blocked or compromised and the energy is stagnate.

Using heightened physical and intuitive sensitivity, the energy practitioner will act as a conduit or channel for energy to the client. They will help the body clear away energy that is no longer needed or help to move the energy to restore its flow. The energy used comes from the universe (God) and the earth, not from the practitioners own source of energy. The practitioner uses a heart-centered, focused intention for the client's highest good.

It is believed that we are all connected energetically to each other and to the earth. This is what enables the practitioner to "tune in" to the body's energy needs. The body is designed to heal itself and proper energy flow can jumpstart that process.

A. Sometimes, yes. Often you will feel lighter (emotionally and stress-wise) and relaxed. If you come into the session in a relaxed state and feeling good, you may not notice much of a change, although I can assure you that you have benefited. If you have physical ailments at the time of the session you may notice a decrease in pain or soreness, or the pain may go away completely.

"Repairs" in your energy field can be made during a session. A disruption can be detected in the aura and can be addressed. Everything that happens to us physically shows itself in the auric field prior to manifesting in the physical body. It is possible to energetically adjust the outer body field which, in turn, would prevent a physical malady. In other words, energy work can fix it before it's broken.

A. No. Faith healing depends on the recipient of the healing believing a certain way and heavily participating in the healing by having enough faith for it to happen. Reiki uses the focused intention of the practitioner only and requires nothing of the recipient. That being said, if the recipient is somehow put in the position of attending a session under duress, it is possible for them to willfully block the flow of energy.

I understand your doubt - I've been there. But, it doesn't matter what you believe. Of course, being open to the work will enhance your experience with it and you will be more attuned to your body's responses to the energy movement. From personal experience, I can tell you that being in "allow" mode during a session opens your body and spirit up to receive everything good that wants to come in.

A. Certainly, everyone is different. You will usually experience deep relaxation which will begin a self-healing process in your body. You may feel heat or tingling, whether it is at the site where hands are placed or elsewhere in the body. The energy moves where it needs to. For example, it is not uncommon to feel sensations in your legs or arms when my hands are placed on your feet or head. Sometimes the relaxation will give in to a sort of "floating" feeling. This is a good thing and should be enjoyed, not feared. You heightened relaxation will increase the benefits to your body.

A. In the beginning it is ideal to get energy treatments once a week for three weeks. Those struggling with addiction will benefit from more treatments throughout the beginning of their recovery. There is no such thing as too much energy work although giving time for the physical body to catch up is ideal.