Our Team

Tara Moreno

Founder & Executive Director

Tara Moreno, founder and executive director of The Serenity House of Flint, saw a need for holistic medicine in the current recovery model after spending five years using conventional recovery methods which included therapists, medical doctors and 12-step meetings. When Moreno found holistic medicine her overall wellness skyrocketed. Once on a plethora of medication, she was able to stop the use all together with nutrition, energy medicine in the form of Reiki and Acupuncture, meditation, breathing exercises and Yoga. With the use of prescription medications increasing exponentially, The Serenity House of Flint's mission is to inform the public of holistic ways to heal from addiction or any other malady.

Serena Gunn


Secretary Serena Gunn has been a mentor for women throughout her life and career. She coached middle school and high school dancers for seven years. While coaching the girls and leading them to national championships she attended college studying secondary education. She started her own recovery journey last year with holistic medicine. She is attuned to Reiki I and has been using the modality on a regular basis along with a 12-step program for her recovery. Gunn is a passionate community member with a focus on addiction advocacy and holistic medicine.

Katherine Houck

Yoga Instructor

Katherine Houck is a certified yoga instructor through Yogafit and has been attuned in Reiki 1 & 2 for over a year. She has been focused on raising not only her own vibration but the vibration of our collective as a whole. She believes that through unconditional love, knowledge & will, we can transcend through the suffering that our collective consciousness has been undertaking for centuries. She believes her purpose on this planet is to awaken the next generation. She does this by teaching mindfulness classes & yoga to children in the community. She has been working with kids for over 10 years. With two associates degrees in Arts & Science from Mott community College she has been a seeker & teacher of knowledge her whole life! One of her philosophies of life is that "The journey to knowledge will never end for we only learn deeper and deeper truths!"

Julie Hall

Secretary Julie Hall grew up in Flushing MI. She is graduate of Mott Community College who is licensed to practice massage therapy and tattoo removal. It is Julie's life passion to serve her community. This passion gave her the vision to found Flint's first tattoo charity, Empower Ink, that removes and covers up tattoos from violence, human trafficking, and drug addiction. Miss Hall has also worked with many other local charities such as More Than Hope, I Heart Autism, and Be The Church. She currently works with her father, Dr. Chris Hall at the Eastside Mission and her mother, Kim Hall, at Central Serves. Julie is currently pursuing training as a yoga instructor and a masters degree in Occupational Health and Safety and enjoys being a mother.

Harry Blecker


Treasurer Harry Blecker has extensive practical experience in all aspects of program and project development, including management, administration, monitoring, evaluation, sponsor relations, and negotiations as well as experience in community/professional group presentations. Harry has worked with elected government and school officials, management teams, small businesses, non-profit organizations, operational staff, and private consultants and citizens as well as statewide legislative and veteran's affairs liaison for the MI-SBTDC. He is also a principal investigator for more than three million dollars in program/project funding. Blecker has supervised diverse staff, including students, in multiple locations as well as taught as an adjunct faculty instructor at Lansing Community College.